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Our services are used by main contractors, facade contractors, facade consultants and end clients. Over the last 10 years PBS Synergies Group has acted on a consultancy basis for, amongst others:

Ardmore Group
Costain Skanska
Laing O’Rourke
Lindner Group
Morgan Sindall
McLaughlin & Harvey
Oxford University
Scheldebouw BV
Yuanda Group


Many main contractors will procure GRC/GFRC directly from the manufacturer and then engage a labour only installer to fit the GRC.

Whilst this approach can appear to offer the most cost effective route it does create significant workload within the main contract management due to the complexity of the material and the co-ordination between manufacturer and installer in regards sequencing, logistics etc. Given the installers are generally appointed after the manufacturer and do not have manufacturing experience the disconnect often results in products which are difficult to install thus ultimately increasing cost and programme.

This is something we have seen many times over the last several years.

The obvious answer would be to award a full design, supply and fit contract however most GRC/GFRC producers in the UK and Europe do not offer this service.

We can help by providing full project management services that not only save cost but deliver high quality GRC/GFRC facades

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Increasingly GRC/GFRC sub-contracts are being awarded to specialist facade companies who will be responsible for the design, supply and installation of the envelope facade cladding.

From a main contractors perspective this consolidates risk and makes management of this aspect of project delivery far most attractive.

However most facade companies expertise is glass and other forms of modular manufactured systems. Given every GRC/GFRC project is bespoke and subject to far more technical complexity in respect of the manufacturing process, quality control, fixing systems and dimensional quality adopting GRC/GFRC as a primary cladding element can be challenging.

Our input can help secure contracts which feature GRC/GFRC, ensure value engineered solutions are utilised, confirm specification compliance through inspections and testing and co-ordinate smooth and cost effective logistic and installation processes

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Most clients involved in large projects will employ a facade consultant or specialist to ensure this very important aspect of the construction works are delivered to specification and meet the architecticural demands of the design.

Because of the acknowledged complexity of the material how the products are designed, manufactured and tested a deep knowledge of all the associated processes and procedures is required to ensure compliance. The only people who can provide this level of knowledge are the manufacturers. However marking your own work has never been conducive to attaining standards.

We can help facade consultants by providing expert help and support in this highly technical aspect of facade cladding

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There’s a lot that can go wrong with GRC/GFRC. This was the case when the material was first introduced in the 1970s and unfortunately remains the case today. The reasons are the same – inexperienced companies jumping into a rapidly expanding market and cost cutting eliminating critical aspects of the manufacturing and testing processes.

Matters are complicated by current standards being minimal when compared to other materials and an industry that doesn’t rely on external quality control inspections or accredited testing.

Whlist we offer all these services the bulk of our work comes from when something has gone wrong. Whilst prevention is better than cure we can often intervene to provide suitable corrective actions within the supply chain.

If you find yourself in this situation then please reach out. We can carry out post manufacture testing and evaluation to determine the scale and cause of any issue. In the event of potential major financial loss and litigation we can provide expert witness assistance.