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What we do


It’s probably easier to ask what we don’t do.

Put simply we provide expert support to all users and specifiers involved in projects featuring GRC . We can assist at any or all of the 5 key stages of the project life cycle

Listed below are some examples of what we do but there’s nothing we can’t provide help with.

Specification Development

Specifications for GRC cladding must be customised to the specific project application.

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Design Reviews

The design engineering of GRC elements must respect the unique characteristics of the material

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Procurement Support

With our expert knowledge of all aspects of the supply chain and the capabilities of virtually every UK and European manufacturer we can advise purchasers on the selection of a suitable supply partner for any given project

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Independent Inspections

Standards compliance is an essential part of the GRC life cycle process

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Product Testing

Testing of manufactured products does not form part of any current quality assurance standards and specifications

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Project Management

Managing the GRC element of a facade package is a time consuming task requiring significant knowledge of design, production and installation processes

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Dispute Resolution

With all the potential for design and manufacturing errors contractual issues become inevitable .

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Repairs and Cleaning

Repairs are an inevitable part of any GRC project

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To speak to us about any aspect of your GRC/GFRC project then please reach out to us.

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