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We are a specialist project management and consultancy firm offering expert help, advice and guidance to anyone involved in construction projects featuring Glass Fibre Reinforced Concrete (GRC/GFRC)


The use of GRC/GFRC as a construction material has grown exponentially in the last decade. Although developed and first used in the 1970s it has taken nearly 50 years for this advanced composite to considered as a primary choice when considering options for façade cladding systems.

In the UK alone we estimated that the market growth since 2010 has been between 750%-1000%

This of course has seen lots of entrants into the industry both from a procurement and supply perspective. Matters are made more complex given GRC/GFRC is a highly advanced and complex composite sharing more in common with other high-tech materials such as those used in the aerospace or automotive industry than traditional concrete products. It is also a material that can be manufactured in a variety of ways, to a variety of compliance standards and in virtually any shape, size or colour

We provide a unique end-to-end project management and consultancy service covering all stages from tender to practical completion


We are part of a group that since 1993 has been at the forefront of the cast stone and GRC/GFRC industries. Our experience covers every aspect of the supply chain


Since 2009 our group has concentrated purely on GRC/GFRC with group operating companies being involved with countless projects as either a manufacturer or consultant. Our client list over the last 10 years extends to virtually every main contractor in the UK and most of Europe’s leading façade specialists.


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