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Specialist Glass Fibre Reinforced Concrete Consultants


We’re part of a group that has been an integral part of the international glass fibre reinforced concrete industry for nearly 20 years

Through or programme of constant research and development carried out as part of the groups design, manufacturing, testing, installation and consultancy operations we’ve not only built up a unique knowledge and experience base but become respected globally as experts in our field.

From our UK head office we operate globally to help anyone involved in projects featuring this little understood but highly versatile composite material


We’re committed to helping our clients obtain the optimum balance between cost and quality.

Low quality always cost more in the long term and this is particularly true with products manufactured by hand using a highly advanced composite material. Made correctly glass fibre reinforced concrete building components will last a lifetime but, with so much potential for error, project and legacy issues can seriously impact all stakeholders

Our expert involvement can assist in ensuring successful project outcomes with cost effective solutions bringing benefits to all participants


We regularly update our news page to reflect topics that we are involved with in the global GRC/GFRC industry

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For help or advice on anything relating to the manufacture, testing, installation, repair or maintenance of GRC/GFRC products don’t hesitate to ring or email us. We’re here to help

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