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The GRC CENTRE is a wholly owned subsidiary of Pennine Building Solutions which has operated at the forefront of the UK’s cast stone and GRC industries for over 30 years

Over this time the PBS Synergies group as we are now known has devoted itself to improving quality standards in both the cast stone and the GRC industries. Through our operating companies and involvement with various bodies including the GRCA, British Standards Committees and the European Standards Institute (CEN) we believe we have contributed to the development and advancement of GRC to its current position as a mainstream construction material.

We are proud to have founded and operated what were two of the UK’s largest GRC manufacturers GRCUK and Syntec GRC.

Since 2014 the group’s consultancy divisions have worked for most of the large construction companies and façade specialists operating in the UK. Our services have also been employed by government bodies, local authorities and property management companies.

THE GRC CENTRE is a further evolution of our journey, helping anyone involved in projects featuring this amazing composite through industry leading consultancy, installation and repair services. Using the group’s 20-year experience across all GRC key stages we believe we can bring both value and quality driven solutions to any project featuring GRC elements.

The following pages will hopefully provide an insight as to how we may be able to help on any development featuring GRC.

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