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Correctly designed, produced and installed GRC/GFRC products are one of the most durable, sustainable and versatile cladding material available. They can be manufactured in virtually any colour, size and shape to enhance the appearance of commercial, residential and public buildings.

The management of GRC/GFRC supply chains are however time consuming and complicated. This is due not only to the versatility of the material but the rapid growth in it’s use over the past decade with the associated problems of demand outpacing experienced abilities. This is made even more difficult by current standards not covering the more challenging applications of the material that have developed in recent years.

We can help main contractors, specialist facade sub-contractors and consultants with every stage of of a project delivery ensuring both technical compliant and cost effective GRC/GFRC facade solutions


With our extensive experience in GRC/GFRC we can help both main and facade contractors putting together tender bids which feature extensive use of the material

As well as developing application specific value engineering and compliance solutions we can bring our considerable commercial knowledge and experience to provide a unique advantage in securing contracts where GRC/GFRC is a primary facade material

Our team can not only advise on cost consideration but also provide a deep and thought provoking aspect to any tender proposals


We understand both the technical and commercial issues that surround the on-time and cost-effective delivery of GRC/GFRC façade solutions.

With this knowledge we can advise clients not only of all the prospective manufacturers capable of undertaking the work but also any value opportunities we feel could be utilised to offer an optimum financial and performance solution.

Once bids are returned we can provide a full review of each submission giving our professional opinion on which offers the best fit for the project requirements along with clarifying any aspect which we consider would put our clients at a commercial disadvantage.


Design engineering is an incredibly important part of the GRC/GFRC façade delivery process.

Not only does good design fulfil the technical performance requirements of the façade elements but it also ensures that products are easy to cast, demould, transport and finally install.

GRC/GFRC engineering requires a high degree of understanding of what is a complex composite. We often see solutions which not only are not following best design practice but will create significant challenges in a practical sense.

Working with our panel of global design engineers we can not only review designs from a compliance perspective but also provide manufacturing and installation inputs to ensure viable and cost-effective outcomes


Once an order or sub-contract is awarded programme and quality conformity move to the top of the priority list.

We can provide a range of services to assist in this stage of the works.

Carrying out third party quality assessments is essential to ensure the ITP requirements are being followed. Because of our deep understanding of manufacturing and testing procedures we can quickly identify any non-conformities that could cause issues.

More than this however we can draw on our many years practical experience to provide rapid corrective actions ensuring there are minimal cost and time delays. Over the years we have found this approach is highly welcomed by manufacturers with less experience than our team and view this as a benefit rather than an intrusion.

Finally we operate our own independent laboratory which is fully equipped for finished product testing, an aspect of GRC/GFRC manufacture that is surprisingly not part of any published standards


Most manufacturers do not install the GRC/GFRC elements they produce and so packing and delivery sequencing may not suit the requirements of site. This can be a major cause of delays to practical completion dates as well as increase installation costs.

We can not only act as the co-ordinator between the site and manufacturing plant but ensure that products are not only correctly packed but are delivered on the correct vehicle to minimise damage in transit.

Our in-depth knowledge of logistics operations also allows us to facilitate both off site storage and last mile deliveries. This avoid large amounts of GRC/GFRC elements being on site increasing installation productivity and reducing damage.


Installation of GRC/GFRC elements will typically be carried out by labour only sun-contractors working for either the main contractor or specialist façade company.

We can provide a range of on-site support services including training site operatives in correct handling methodologies and the post installation repair techniques which are an inevitable part of any scope of works.

Producing GRC/GFRC specific lifting plans are also offered to avoid the introduction of any excessive stresses to the panels.

Finally we can carry out post installation inspections prior to practical completion handovers


If designed, manufactured and installed correctly GRC/GFRC elements will have a service life of well over 75-100 years with minimal maintenance. The material is without doubt one of the most durable used in modern facade construction

Unfortunately with a hand made bespoke product made from a complex composite there’s the potential for lots to go wrong. Sadly It’s is not uncommon for GRC/GFRC facades to have to be removed and replaced within a few years at significant financial cost.

If you have an issues with any aspect of a completed GRC/GFRC project we can provide independent, impartial and expert opinions.


To speak to us about any aspect of your GRC/GFRC project then please reach out to us.

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