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We offer anyone involved in the procurement of GRC products providing valuable 3rd party quality assurance consultancy services.

Listed below are just some of the services we offer however we can tailor support packages to suit individual applications and the associated consequences of risk exposure.




Supplier Assessments

Placing orders or sub-contracts for GRC materials is possibly more complicated than any other construction products.

Often buyers will rely on either an ISO 9001 accreditation or if the manufacturer is a GRCA member. Neither provide any guarantee that manufactured units will be fit for purpose or that correct quality control and testing regimes are in place.

We can provide prospective purchasers of GRC materials with a comprehensive assessment of a manufacturer or supplier’s capability to fulfil project requirements. This will include both a review of output capacity and if, in our opinion, the producer has the resource to meet the construction programme. Equally important is to ensure that the correct processes and procedures in place to comply with all aspects of the specification in relation to quality control and testing.

It’s important to note we don’t just perform a “check box” review but will suggest any corrective or improvement actions we feel are required. Because of our manufacturing experience we can also provide any additional training required




Factory Production Control Inspections

Factory Control Inspections are carried out by our consultants all of whom have many years experience in all aspects of GRC manufacture.

During these visits which would generally be by pre-arranged appointment we will visit the production facility and witness all aspects of the manufacturing and testing processes. Importantly where we find any non-conformities we will engage in a positive manner with the production team to ensure corrective actions are swiftly implemented ensuring the project is not in any way compromised.

Because of our practical skills, experience and knowledge we find that most producers welcome our involvement. and are eager to learn from our many years of production  and testing expertise. In this way all stakeholders benefit with not only higher quality finished products being delivered to the job site but also overall improvements in both efficiencies and compliance

3rd Party Testing.

Under all current standards testing carried out on specially produced sample boards.

Whilst this is acceptable for proof testing it does not truly reflect the properties of what are handmade  manufactured products. Producing a small flat sample board early in in a shift does not replicate producing high volumes of large 3 dimensional cladding panels. This is particularly applicable where the Spray Process is being utilised given this method requires layered application with each requiring uniform compaction by hand.

We strongly recommend a population testing of least 2.5% on all GRC projects. Such testing can provide valuable information on face coat thickness, structural GRC thickness and in-service flexural load capacity.



Our full Project Management service ensures a successful outcome to any project featuring GRC.

Working alongside your own procurement and technical team we can ensure that not only are you selecting the most suitable and cost effective supplier but that all aspects of the end to end process are correctly managed. We will ensure that

> The overall package procurement cost is the most effective available for any given application based on our knowledge and experience of current UK and European producers.
> Designs meet established industry best practice and are fit for purpose
> Appropriate manufacturing quality control processes and procedures are in place to suit the consequence of failure risk associated to the project
> Delivery logistics suit not only build programme but site constraints.
> Correct installation requirements are observed.
> Finished products meet all specification and design requirements through a process of proof testing

Whatever help you need with GRC we’re here for you