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Specialist Glass Fibre Reinforced Concrete Consultants

We understand GRC/GFRC – how its designed, how it’s manufactured, how it’s tested, how it’s transported and how it’s installed.

Over our nearly twenty years at the forefront of the global industry we’ve developed innovative production, testing and logistics systems as well as worked with many of the UK and Europe’s leading designers and manufacturers.

This experience gives us a unique perspective on the procurement of products and services enabling our clients to deliver cost effective solutions without sacrificing quality

Our input can be tailored on a project specific basis to include any or all of the following:

Reviewing employers specifications

Recommend suitable design, manufacturing and installation partners for tender purposes

Review and advise on tender submissions

Consider value engineering options

Advise on appropriate commercial considerations

Production of Inspection and Testing Plans (ITP)

Compliance and capability inspections

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For help or advice on anything relating to the manufacture, testing, installation, repair or maintenance of GRC/GFRC products don’t hesitate to ring or email us. We’re here to help

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