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Laboratory Testing

Specialist Glass Fibre Reinforced Concrete Consultants

We operate one of the most well equipped testing specialist laboratories in the UK and Europe to support our consultancy operations

Laboratory testing includes

Density, apparent porosity and water absorption to BS EN 1170-6, ASTM C948-81, GRCA MOT Part 2
Flexural bending to BS EN1170-5, ASTM C94703, GRCA MOT Part 3. Maximum major span 500mm
Dimensional movement to BS EN 1170-7
Ageing tests to BS EN 1170-8 (modified) and ASTM 1560-03 (modified)
Bonding pad pull off to ASTM C1230-96 (modified)
Facing/Backing dimensional movement compatibility testing to DIHM SOP 61
Anchor pull out to DIHM SOP 62
Facing coat thickness testing to DIHM SOP 63

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