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Inspection and Testing Plans

Specialist Glass Fibre Reinforced Concrete Consultants

All good manufacturing operations, irrespective of what products are being produced, should be based around a fully developed Inspection and Testing Plan. This details the management of both quality control and quality assurance systems.

It is even more essential in GRC/GFRC factories where manufacturing processes usually require high levels of manual labour input throughout all stages of the product realisation process.

These will differ on a project by project basis given the various standards and specifications that exist for GRC/GFRC including BS EN 1169, BS EN 15191, BS EN 1170 1-8, GRCA Specification, GRCA Methods of Testing, PCI-MNL-130, ASTM test methods, NPCAA Specification along with various other standards that may be incorporated into the project specification.

We can pull all these together into an easy to understand schedule which details:


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