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Independent Quality Control

Specialist Glass Fibre Reinforced Concrete Consultants

The manufacture of glass fibre reinforced products requires a far higher level of skill and expertise than any other form of precast concrete production. In addition because of the versatile nature of the material products vary in size, shape, colour, texture as well as application from one project to another.

Consequently the quality processes, procedures and monitoring require significantly higher inputs than those required in most precast concrete factories.

Our programme of independent quality control inspections ensures that all required production, finishing and testing systems meet or exceed specification requirements. Before any projects work begin we will carry out an in-depth and project specific audit to ensure full compliance and identify any other issues we feel may require attention.

We will then issue a full report for the project file with any corrective actions detailed along with our recommendations for corrective actions. If necessary we will provide on-site additional training.

Our quality control inspection include but are not limited to

Raw material compliance
Moulds are suitably constructed and provide dimensionally accurate finished products
Pre start operations such as slurry/fibre calibrations are carried out. and complaint
Mixing plants are suitable for mixing operations and weighing accuracy
Mist and facing coats are correctly applied
Correct spraying or pumping operations are being maintained
Best practice compaction methods are used
Thickness measurements correctly carried out
Test board production compatible with actual production
Production and curing environmental conditions are correct
Demoulding operations correctly carried out avoid overstressing of elements
Factory repair procedures evaluated
Application of surface applied water repellent sealers carried out correctly
Packing suitable for road, sea or air transport as appropriate
Evaluation of factory test equipment, suitability and calibration
Evaluation of bending test machine settings
Review of in-house test methods – insert pull out, facing coat compatibility, facing coat freeze-thaw

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