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Repair Service


Repairs are a fact of life when working with GRC/GFRC.

Although the material is incredibly tough and durable damage can occur during transit, storage or installation. Usually because of the nature of the manufacturing process such damage is generally localised which means the repairs must be equally localised and match the as cast finish.

This is a highly skilled operation that can only be carried out by operatives who have had many years experience. Often we find that products have been damaged in the factory during demoulding and the quality of repair is not up to standard. As such it is very difficult to carry out small local repairs on site.

For this reason we offer our clients the support of our own mobile repair teams. All our operatives have undergone extensive training, are fully CSCS and IPAT qualified and use methodologies that have been tested for durability in our own laboratory.

In addition to small damage repairs we also offer full cleaning, re-colouring and sealant application services